Tuesday 26 Sep 2017
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Quality Control

Beatex Enterprise have a stringent Quality Control check at every step of the manufacturing process to ensure a high quality standard finished products.

Aside manufacturing in accordance to international standards; we also take pride in providing good quality products through excellent quality control systems and innovative manufacturing technology which puts us above our peers.

Below are some quality checks and its accompanying processes:

  • The quality of all raw materials is checked on arrival at our factory.
  • We blend our raw materials to the required manufacturing specifications.
  • The kneading, stamping and drying are all done efficiently using advanced machinery.
  • We do a final check and variety of test including burning time, mositure testing and fragility/tensile strength to ensure our coils meet the highest of standards.
  • At the packing bay, we give our best effort to pack the coils.
We always make sure we produce the best products ever with constant quality control checkup.